Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

Micro Fiction: Conversation Vignette “Alien Smoothie”

The alien sat at her desk tinkering with a smooth, shiny metallic object. This project for the humans had been keeping her busy for the last six days. Her two digit hands pushing buttons on the device and a small remote that controlled the device. Each push of a button  yielded a response from the machine. Across the room, her mate entered and her work caught his eye.

“How’s it going?” He asked, walking over to her work station.

“Just finishing up.” She said proudly.

“Looks fantastic!” he said, gently sliding his bluish gray appendages over the smooth metal surface. “Looks like the old food processor.”

“It is. I made a few small modifications so it looks less, you know, ‘alien-y’. I made it smaller, more compact, I kept the self sanitation feature, and I added blades inside, so it won’t look too futuristic.” She then paused to explain. “It’s gotta look like it came from Earth. It’s the newest ‘invention’,” she said, using air quotes, “for the next infomercial.”

“What the heck was that?” he laughed, imitating her air quotes.

“Oh, human thing.” She replied. “It’s to signify that whatever is being referenced isn’t exactly as described. It indicates sarcasm.”

“Ah, interesting.” He smiled. “So we get a little cultural bit from them in exchange, huh?” he smiled.

“Yeah, along with those huge ass checks they send us for the ‘inventions’.”

She stepped over to the back corner of the room to retrieve a hard plastic shipping container, placing it on the table beside the mutilated appliance.

“I hope they like this one as much as the last one.” The male said.

“Well, the last one made Patty a millionaire, so, I imagine she’ll welcome a new gadget.” The female responded, referencing one of the infomercial ‘inventors’ she shipped items to.

“Ah, Patty; I thought this one was going to Brock.”

“Nah, he bought from another alien. But he does want some of our absorbent fabric. He said he thinks it’ll sell like crazy. … He was so excited when I showed it to him.”

“Well, at least we know their intense enthusiasm in the infomercials is real.” Her partner laughed.

She carefully arranged some soft cushion material inside the shipping container before placing the altered alien food processor in.

“They’re too enthusiastic!” She replied.

“No argument here.”

“And they’re just so weird!” She said with a hint of exasperation. “If you ask me, they’re not human!”

“Wouldn’t surprise me! They are kind of odd….and so loud and excitable.” He paused to ponder a moment. “You think they’re Kylorians in disguise!?”

“That’s as good a guess as I can make. Kylorians ARE an excitable species. They do resemble humans a bit. And they never stop talking….They could easily disguise themselves as infomercial hosts.” She said as she gently slid the device into its container.

This ‘invention’ would make its way to Earth, and in a few months time become the newest ‘amazing discovery’ in appliances. It would captivate the humans and compel them all to buy one because of the ‘space age’ materials that weren’t available anywhere else. And all the while, the humans would have no clue the device they were looking at was originally made by aliens and really did have materials from space. They would just be in a rush to buy the newest thing. And to fill those orders, hundreds of aliens would be employed to alter old alien food processors into the newest infomercial sensation. And in return, the aliens received huge payouts from the Earthlings.

She picked up her computer tablet to put in an order to have the invention picked up. Then she lifted it carefully and placed it outside of the door to their dwelling, awaiting the pick up.

“Now we wait.” she said.

****************** 3 Months later **********************

The male alien greeted his mate as she walked in the door.

“Hi honey! How was your day?”

“Eh.” She said shrugging.

Well, it’s about to get better! The check from the invention deposited about an hour ago and the film from it arrived too.” he held up a shiny disk.

“Great, let’s see it.” She said, plopping down on their couch in front of a large screen.

A plump brunette human female, Patty, appeared on the screen with the altered food processor in front of her. She was excitedly fondling the device while telling the audience that it would revolutionize the buyers’ lives, make them better as if it was somehow the key to living a happier life. Her smile was abnormally large, her voice loud and brimming with oddly unsettling levels of excitement. Her behavior was decidedly outside the norm for typical happy human behavior.

“Why do Earthlings think infomercial hosts are human?” The female alien asked the male.

“Beats me. …..I guess it’s easier than thinking that they might be aliens on Earth.” He replied.

“Mmmmm, makes sense.”

Turning back to the infomercial, the host proceeded to start throwing human foods into the device, then turned on the power. Fruits and veggies went maniacally spinning together in a nearly silent tornado of food before being poured out into a glass as a smoothie. The audience clapped frantically.

“I see you kept the low sound feature.” the male said.

” Yeah, I figured they’d like that.”

The sales pitch went on, the hosts’ chattering about the sleek, compact design, remote control functions and quiet, high speed spinning blades resulting in ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ from the audience. Then the host began talking about the processors’ so called blade sharpening feature.

“Wait, that doesn’t sound right.” The male alien said, turning to the female. “I didn’t think you altered it to do that.”

“I didn’t.”  She sighed. “They never read all the directions and comments I send them; they just make crap up.”

The host went on, yammering on endlessly and excitedly, whipping the audience into an excited frenzy, eager to buy the food processor. Her smile practically bigger than her face,, her eyes looking like they were bulging out of her head with excitement, she looked almost nonhuman like.

“Definitely Kylorian.” The male alien said. The female alien nodded in agreement.


Stop The Train!!!!!

Hey readers! I thought I’d try something new and random. The internet is a treasure trove of crazy, random, and wild stuff and I thought it would be fun to try sharing some of it. I stumbled upon this photo one day which piqued my interest and got me researching it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is train-wreck-67775_1920.jpg

Ok, so this is the Montparnasse derailment incident. It involved the Granville-Paris  Express train and occurred in France on October 22, 1895. According to website Vintage Everyday (noted as VE hereafter) the train started out of Granville on the west coast of the country that morning with a 400 km (249 miles) trip to Paris ahead of it. The steam locomotive engine was pulling a postal car, three baggage cars and six passenger cars with 131 people aboard.  Engineer Guillaume-Marie Pellerin, a man with nineteen years experience in the railroad industry was at the helm along with Conductor Albert Mariette. The trip had been business as usual up until it entered Paris and closed in on the train station.

The problem was that it was running a few minutes behind that day and Pellerin was speeding to make up for the tardiness. But as they approached the station, it was clear they were going way too fast. He applied the brakes, but they failed. Mariette then tried the emergency brakes, but by that time they were too close to the end of their track and hurtled over the safety bumper, lifted up onto a platform and went hurtling through the window and wall ahead of it. Luckily after the engine car hit the ground below, the train stopped, leaving all of its cars safely behind inside the station. (VE)

So how do you clean clean up a big accident like this in 1895? There were no modern cranes to pull this giant engine from its odd resting place at this time. History Daily (noted here as HD hereafter) said officials left the train in its precarious position for two days while trying to figure out how to move it. They tried a team of 14 horses first, but when that didn’t work, they used a 250 ton winch instead. (HD) A winch is a giant metallic drum that has a length of chain or rope around it and is cranked for leverage (Google) The other cars were still inside the station and so they were simply dethatched, repaired as needed and put into use with other engines. The engine itself also had minimal damage amazingly and was also repaired and put back to use as well. (HD)

For the most part, there were only minor injuries to all people involved- except one woman. Marie Augustine-Aguillard had been watching her husband’s newspaper stand that day. The stand was right below the site of the accident and she was fatally hit by falling debris when it barreled through the station wall. She was a mother of two and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The French government provided financially for both children for many years after the event. (VE & HD)

Most people involved walked away from the event with only minor injuries and a unique story to tell, but not the two men helming the train. For his reckless choice, Pellerin was fined 50 francs, the equivalent of €228 Euros or $1,500 today. Marietta was fined 25 francs, the equivalent of €128 or $840 in today’s money. (VE) ( not sure if those Euro exchange rates are completely accurate, though)

The event has since made its way into pop culture ending up in memes, on T-shirts, posters, websites and even being re-created for a 2011 Martin Scorsese film (“Hugo”). There’s also a replica of it on display at a museum in Brazil dedicated to the railway industry.

This photo is credited to Levi and Sons

Information about this incident found via:

Vintage Everyday  https://www.vintag.es/2018/01/montparnasse-derailment.html

History Daily    https://historydaily.org/montparnasse-derailment-when-a-train-went-through-a-stations-walls

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6 Ways To Support Small Business After Covid-19

Covid-19 has forced the majority of the world into quarantine at some point or another. With people at home, many businesses were forced to close temporarily in an effort to limit social contact. These closures have meant a loss of income for those businesses and these places are struggling to pay bills like rents and power and many are unable to pay their employees. Luckily for some, many cities across the world have re-opened public places, allowing business to recover to a certain degree. 

As businesses slowly begin to open, it’s important to support them if we can so that they can get back on their feet. Big companies will survive, but small ones might not if we don’t support them. Unfortunately, some small businesses have been forced to close permanently; but some are still hanging in there. Let’s help the ones still left so they don’t go under.

Covid-19 hit hard as governments enacted quarentines and stay at home orders. Businesses were the first to feel the impact of the pandemic. Studies contend that effects of Covid began impacting small business quickly, beginning only a few weeks into its arrival in the US and well before the first economic stimulus was given out. (1) Businesses that were less able to be run remotely saw the biggest impact. (1)

Look in your neighborhood or city/town to find a small business. You can find them online, too. Another way to find them is to take a walk in the downtown area of your city; this area is usually teeming with shops & places that will need the support of locals. So here are a few ideas for supporting local business & helping them get back on their feet.

  1. Pick one or two and post about them on social media. This helps them get some exposure & it might inspire someone else to help, too.
  2. Buy products or services from one if you’re in a financial position to do so. This means getting take out from a small resteraunt instead of a national chain eatery. Buy a piece of clothing from a local boutique, order something online from a local seller, get a gift card to use later from a local business, have your computer fixed at a local electronics store, buy some food from an ethnic food market, get gifts from a small shop, buy at a local small bookstore, choose a local pet or child sitter, etc. Basically, choose to frequent a local small business whenever possible. And if you can do it online or over the phone, even better!
  3. Ask a small business if they need (or can have) volunteers right now (2). Many businesses were forced to lay employees off because they couldn’t pay them when sales plummeted, so your free help could give them a little relief.
  4. Donate money to a local business. (2) Even small amounts help. Then ask your friends and family to donate. You can even request donations for a small business as a birthday or holiday gift.
  5. Join and promote the ‘Thank You Small Business’ movement. (3)
  6. As businesses reopen slowly or with limitations support them as they do. Pick two, three, or even four to visit online or in person. If they have online service encourage your friends to visit their websites, too.

If we all work together to give a little towards local businesses we can help keep these places afloat.


(1) “The Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business Outcomes And Expectations” Bartick, Bertrand, Cullen, Glaeser, Luca, Stanton; Department of Economics at University of Illinois Urbana-Champange

(2) “17 Ways to Help Small Businesses Impacted by Covid-19” via: ‘search engine journal.com’

(3) “How you can help Small businesses during Covid-19” Via: ‘the points guy.com’

Photo: Pixabay/Paulbr75

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Covid-19 Face-Mask Fashion

So, Covid-19 happened, and now we have to wear masks all the time.  They’re becoming part of our wardrobes. And since we’re wearing them all the time it’s natural that we end up developing masks with style.

There are so many options available! Who needs a plain face mask when you can jazz it up with unique colors, styles, patterns and fabrics!? You can express your support for your favorite sports team or band, and show off your personal style with all the variation available. You can get utilitarian masks with strong, durable fabric and filters or even wear bandanas and tube like masks. And if masks aren’t your thing or you want some extra protection you can even get a face shield if you like.

Non Medical Face Mask - girly patterned material  Branded face masks hit the market | Ad Age

Photo: Sew Cute By Katie                           Photo: Google

COVID-19: Wearing A Face Mask? Here Are Some Important Safety Steps To  Remember | Nassau Daily Voice  19 Face Bandanas for Sale: Make Your Own Mask With These Stylish Scarves |  Glamour

Photo: Daily Voice                                             Photo: Glamour

100% Cotton Solid Color Face Mask – Assembly Creators Market  2PCS Safety Face Shield Reusable Full Face Transparent Breathable Visor  Anti Saliva Windproof Dustproof Hat Shield Protect Eyes and Face with  Protective Clear Film Elastic Band - - Amazon.com

Photo: Assembly Creators                    Photo: Amazon

Here in the States we’ve even gotten patriotic with American flag masks like these.

Wearing a face mask is patriotic | Popular Science  American Flag and honor (Quarantine face mask style 2020 Coronavirus covid- 19 4TH OF JULY USA)" Mask by frikybomb | Redbubble What Custom Mask Would You Like to Have?

Photo: Popsci                               Photo: Redbubble                   Photo: 710keel

And why limit yourself to just fun colors or patterns when you can have cartoon characters like Sponge Bob, Minions, Ninja Turtles or with images of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Justin Timberlake, Kobe Bryant, or this one with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face. You can also have a little fun with faces and get masks with goofy faces.

    Viewing Fashion feeds ~ World Professional News

Photo: Google                                                                 Photo: World Pro News

And if you don’t want to wear a mask with someone else’s’ face you can get one with your own! Some companies are even making custom masks with a photo of the wearers’ face printed on it.

Masks of your own face: the joy and horror of custom-printed masks.

Photo: Slate

And if you’re short on cash, or just really crafty, you can always turn a spare T-shirt into a mask.

COVID-19 mask debate more about politics than public health

Photo: TCPalm

Some masks are even designed to aid the deaf and hard of hearing. They use clear plastic to make the mouth visible so that those with hearing difficulties can still read lips.

Clear Face Masks for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing | Medgadget


Masks are everywhere and worn by people in nearly every public place. No public gathering is without masks; every social situation seems to demand them. From birthday parties to business meetings, they’re everywhere! There are even masks that go with wedding attire:

24 Wedding Masks & Face Coverings That Will Look Good in Photos

Photo: The Knot

This bride wore MASKS matching with her lehenga for her LOCKDOWN wedding  and she just set a trend - Times of India

Photo: Times Of India

Masks are quickly becoming fashion statements; many fashion designers are switching from making fashionable clothing to making masks.   Fashion students at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, USA are taking a similar road making stylish masks for healthcare workers. Clothing company Eileen Fisher is making masks for police and fire rescue personnel.  Other designers like Christian Siriano, Naeem Khan, Louis Vuitton, and countless others have jumped on the  fashionable mask making bandwagon, too.

But, like with any kind of fashion, designs can go beyond beautiful or tastefully edgy; they can sometimes get crazy and impractical. Check out this mask made of pearls that costs more than many people make in a few months!

Japanese designer's face masks with 310 real pearls put US$9,350 ...

Photo: YouTube

Or check out this more affordable artisan made pearl face mask:

Fast Shipping Rainbow Pearl Face Mask With Filter Pocket/Dust | Etsy in  2020 | Rainbow pearl, Mouth mask, Face mask

Photo: Pinterest

Or if you want to wear your words, you might like this mask with LED lighting technology. This can display flashing or changing messages.

This LED Face Mask Is Something Deadmau5 or Daft Punk Would Wear

Photo: The Awesomer

This one just makes me hungry and wondering why I didn’t have Asian food for lunch.

Face Mask That Looks Like A Steaming Bowl Of Ramen And 4 More Crazy  Creations By Japanese Artist Takahiro Shibata | DeMilked

Photo: DeMilked

This one is…..uh….interesting.

This Icelandic Knitwear Designer Is Making The Trippiest Masks You've Ever  Seen | Vogue

Photo: Vogue

Or this…um…salad (?!) inspired…thing, lol!

Max Siedentopf presents alternative coronavirus masks

Photo: Dezeen

The weirdest, and I might add worst mask I’ve seen so far was a pair of lacy ladies panties-being worn by a man. I can only assume they belonged to the lady in his life- I hope, lol!

What interesting masks have you seen? Share in the comments section.








FEATURED PHOTO: Pixabay/SplitShire

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Well…….2020’s Gone Down The Toilet LOL! (Part 1: Memes)

Who loves memes? I know I do! One of the best (in my opinion) things to come off the internet, these things can really give you a good laugh. And since 2020, a year that most of us hoped would be fantastic and epic has turned out crappy so far, could use some laughs, here are some funny memes about the year so far:

2020 Can't Get Any Worse | Know Your Meme

From Know Your Meme website knowyourmeme.com

Time Traveler What Year Is It Me 2020 - Corona Virus Meme - Shut ...

From Shut Up and Take My Money  shutupandtakemymoney.com


Ten of the best sports versions of 'My Plans/2020' memes | The ...

From the Kansas City Star newspaper website   kansascity.com

10 Hilarious Coronavirus Memes That Hit Too Close to Home ...

From Urban Matter       urbanmatter.com


Funny CoronaVirus Memes – PropertyOnion

From Property Onion propertyonion.com

Meme Creator - Funny 2020 should of been... The reality Meme ...

From Meme Creator     memecreator.com

25 of the funniest tweets and memes about the year 2020 so far ...

From Somee Cards     someecards.com

40 Memes That Sum Up 2020 So Far | Bored Panda

From Bored Panda   boredpanda.com

FINALLY: I FEAR THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE HOW WE ALL FEEL AT THE END OF 2020, LOL! (I laugh, but I’m really crying inside, lol!)

Mandatory Monday Funny Memes of the Week 01-06-2020

From Mandatory      mandatory.com


Toilet Photo:  Tama66/Pixabay

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Eye Candy: The Mediterranean

Hi readers! I thought I’d pass along these lovely images to brighten the day. I found these on free photo sites Pixabay and Free Images, so none of them were taken by me. Both websites offer free photos for commercial and public use. They have many wonderful images that are always a pleasure to look at. Please enjoy the ‘eye candy’ and have a lovely day/night!








PHOTOS: Pixabay and Free Images

Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction) · Random, Fun & Quirky

Apocalypse Pizza Co.

This piece was inspired by a writing prompt published by WordPress blog “A Writing Prompt A Day”   The idea was to construct a piece about delivering pizza during the Apocalypse. So here it is:



The evening sky glowed yellow, orange, and red with plumes of black smoke punctuating the Apocalyptic sky.

A huge navy blue SUV pulled up to a brick house on Morton street. With monstrous off road tires that were covered in mud and debris, it looked like it could run over a line of cars at a monster truck rally. On the top sat a glowing green sign that read: ‘Essential Pizza’ in red with a pizza beside it.

A slim figure dropped out from the elevated drivers seat dressed in what looked like riot gear. A black helmet with Plexiglas face protector, full body jumpsuit, torso and thigh guards and a holstered gun made them look like they were about to ward off violent protesters. Two green warming bags carried in the left hand bore the company logo.

Jane stood at her front door as the driver approached.

“Hi.” Jane said to the driver.

The pizza carrier pulled off the helmet to reveal  shoulder length curly hair and feminine facial features.

“Hi Ma’am. Here are your pizzas.” The driver replied as she unsnapped the opening of the food warming bags. “Two large cheese with green peppers and tomatoes and a large spinach and mushrooms, right?”



Jane had friends in the house sheltering from the Apocalypse outside. They were playing games and watching tv in the background. A man peeked at Jane and the driver from behind a wall deeper inside the home.

“Food’s here!” he called to others inside.

“Finally, we’re starving.” a woman’s voice responded from the next room.

As the driver pulled the pizzas from their cozy warm cover, the man approached behind Jane peering at the driver anxiously.

“We also had five bread sticks and seven cinnamon twists.” he said wringing his hands nervously.

“Yep, got those here.” The driver said opening the other heated bag.

“Marty, I left my purse in the living room, you got any cash?” Jane asked turning to her nervous, hand wringing companion. He dug in his pockets a moment before producing the money to pay for their dinner.

As the driver took the payment a bright orange yellow flaming ball zoomed overhead and landed a few houses away. Screams of horror cut through the sounds of the blaze and jerked Jane and Marty from their interaction.


The shocked and surprised voices of Jane’s friends could be heard in the next room as they all ran to the living room window.


“Oh my gosh! It’s a fireball!”

“Wow, that sucks for the Henderson’s!” They heard a voice from the living room cry out.

Jane looked back at Marty with a concerned expression. He wore the same expression.

“I’ll call 911.” He replied and disipeared into the house.

Jane turned back to the delivery woman who was cool as a cucumber.

“Um, so you delivering much tonight?”

“Yeah, a ton. This is my fifteenth tonight. About an hour ago I delivered eight pizzas and seventeen pastas to a family of five a couple of miles away. And last night we did a massive order of twenty-five pizzas for a group of ten. Everyone’s ordering.”

The calls for pizza had been surprisingly frequent at Essential Pizza. So much so that everyone on staff had to be called in to handle the deluge of pizza requests. People all over the city had been ordering pizzas like crazy and Essential Pizza drivers were driving all over town.

“Wow! Wonder why they’d order so much!?” Jane exclaimed.

“Eh, gonna need to stockpile food for the disaster.” The driver replied casually.

“Yeah, I guess we should have done that. There are eight of us in here.” Jane said, gesturing to the noise of the people in the living and dining rooms.

“Well, just let us know if you need anymore food.” The driver replied. “We have extended hours during the Apocalypse.”

“Well that’s good to know.”

Marty returned to stand with Jane.

“Paramedics and Fire are on the way.” He said. Jane nodded. They could already see neighbors rushing to the Henderson’s’ house to help the family escape the fireball that had hit their home.

“Have you had to deal with any crazy apocalypse stuff?” Marty asked the driver.

“Oh yeah. Yesterday I had to run from three big hungry dogs. A few days before that my co workers and I were fighting off crazed customers at the store. And I always have to drive around the meteors.”

Jane gazed around her neighborhood at the crazy chaos unfolding around them.

“Aren’t you worried about that? The driving, I mean.” She asked.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. We’re outfitted pretty well to get through this.” The driver said patting her helmet.

“But things are so crazy out there!” Marty exclaimed, his anxiousness over the situation  obvious. “I’m worried we won’t be able to get food soon!”

The driver seemed unfazed by Marty’s worry.

“Nah, we’re a Pizza place, we survive anything.” The driver looked at Jane and Marty’s concerned expressions.  “Food places never close- you’ll be fine.”

“This is so crazy. You guys are risking your lives during the Apocalypse to deliver food. Your pizza shop should be called ‘Apocalypse Pizza Company’ or something.”

The delivery woman smirked and turned to leave.

“Ya’ll are hero’s!” Cried Jane.

The driver turned back to her.

“We do what we can.”

As the pizza delivery woman drove off Jane surveyed her neighborhood. The Henderson’s burning house being attended to by fire teams and neighbors, another house down the street smoldering from an earlier hit, people’s pets and local wildlife wandering around, the sky a swirling eddy of yellow, orange, red, and black swirls of smoke.

About four houses down, a group of people sat on their front lawn in folding chairs watching the chaos unfold. They treated the Apocalypse like some sort of reality show, eating pop corn and drinking beer, pointing, laughing and guffawing in amazement when a stray meteor would slam into a building further off. One member of the group even held up their phone at the goings on, videoing, getting it all for an internet that wasn’t even functioning. Jane sighed, shook her head and closed the door.





















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The ‘Momarazzi’

I am ‘mom’ to a wonderful, adorable cat named Seneca. He’s a sweet, gentle and handsome boy. I love taking photos of him, but he’s not so fond of it. And especially with Corona virus keeping people indoors I’ve been taking a lot of photos of him. I’m like the cat paparazzi, lol! But like Papparazzi (photographers of celebrities if you’re not familiar with them) I hardly let my little guy get a moments peace because I’m constantly taking photos of him. Do you take endless photos of your pet? What are you doing/what did you do with your pet during quarantine?



IMG_20200408_142909    IMG_20200412_194451

IMG_20200220_105616    IMG_20190922_172931

IMG_20200220_105938     IMG_20200408_154625

My Vegan-ish Adventure · Recipes

Vegetarian Creamy Pesto and Tomato Gnocchi

This is a simple but tasty meal, and one of my favorites! This recipe makes two servings.

8 Table spoons of unflavored cream

1 Pkg of Gnocchi

7 ounces of garlic Pesto sauce

10-15 grape tomatoes

Parmesan cheese (optional & for garnishing)


Start by putting about five cups of water on the stove to boil. Don’t put the gnocchi in just yet, though. Let the water get to a boil- about 10 minuets or so. While the water boils cut your grape tomatoes into chunks and set them aside. Once the water is at a good boil, carefully drop the gnocchi in and let it boil for about 5 more minuets. Be careful not to over boil it- Gnocchi can get mushy if it’s cooked too long.

Pull the pan off the stove and drain and cover the gnocchi. It should be slightly larger in size than it was before it was cooked and slightly softer. Gnocchi is like pasta: you want it to be soft but with a bit of firmness to it.



Next, (using a small sauce pan) put pesto sauce in the pan and put it on the stove. Stir in the eight tablespoons of cream. Heat this mixture for about three minuets. Then add your tomato chunks. Stir them in carefully so they don’t turn into tomato mush. Cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Once the pesto cream tomato mixture is warm, put the gnocchi on plates and pour the pesto and tomato mixture over it. Garnish with extra tomatoes or Parmesan cheese if you like. 


This is a great meal to take along to work, on a pick-nick or other outing where you’ll be eating. I’ve taken this to work with me many times. However, I would strongly recommend making this recipe the day you’ll need it (preferably  shortly before you leave or are ready to eat). In my experience this meal doesn’t do as well the day after it’s made and it fares horribly if you freeze it and then heat it up later. If you refrigerate it to eat the next day it can get mushy and if you freeze it, thaw and/or re-heat, it just ends up tasting horrible.  It’s a ‘day of’ kind of meal.