My Vegan-ish Adventure: Finding Vegetarian and Vegan Options on the Go

Consider this scenario: You’re getting out of work, hungry, and have only 30 minuets until you need to get to an event where food won’t be served. So you decide to stop and grab something quick. There aren’t many places around, so you pull into the drive through of a cheap fast food joint. As you look at the menu, you find yourself dissipointed – almost everything on it has meat. About the only thing that isn’t meat are the fries. Hmmm, you decide you don’t want five boxes of fries for dinner, though, so you’ve got to find another option.

Finding vegan or vegetarian food when you’re on the run is really challenging. It seems like most fast food places have meat and/or dairy in almost all of their products. This makes eating on the go very difficult for a vegetarian or vegan.

So, since most fast food joints don’t have any or many options for those of us who like to limit or abstain from animal products, we have to get creative until they do.

1.GROCERY STORES: Check your local super market or grocery store. Make sure you pick one with food/salad bars. Many store chains here in the States have salad bars with salad, fruit, grains and other meatless and dairy free options that allow you to ‘mix and match’ so to speak. One grocery chain store here in my area has an Asian food bar that I really love and offers vegetarian options. Good stores to try are Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and  other stores dedicated to healthy foods. Many of them have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on their food bars. Numerous regional food stores also have salad and food bars where you can make your meal any way you like, so hopefully you can find one in your area.

2. Subway, Quizno’s, Jimmy John’s and other sub shops: These are a great way to get a decent, affordable meal while avoiding meat. Many of them offer meatless subs or will gladly omit or meat or replace it with something else for little or no cost.

3. Little Asian takeout places: These locations might be likely to offer vegetarian options. Asian is usually vegetarian and vegan friendly, so that makes it a great go-to.  I frequent a couple of little places near my home, both of which offer a couple of meatless options. One place has a veggies and tofu combo that comes with rice and the other offers a wonderful meatless chow mien. You can also request dishes that have meat as meatless.


4. Burger King: The burger chain has recently begun to notice those of us who don’t want dead cow or chicken on our burger and has been carrying Morning Star vegetarian burgers. This is a freakin’ huge step for us veggies out there! A fast food chain known for beef burgers has finally made room for another option. However, the couple of times I’ve gotten their veggie burger, I found it over cooked and a little tough. Quite frankly, not worth the money.

5. Taco Bell: has some great vegan options. You can get any of their traditional meat items ‘Fresco Style’, which means they’ll replace cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo and guacamole. Some locations just add the pico and guac without removing the meat, so don’t forget to say no meat (or no cheese)! I’ve done this several times and it’s pretty good. I also really like the ‘Power Menu Bowl’; it’s got lettuce, tomatoes, guac, cheese and black beans. Normally it has chicken in it, but you can request it meatless. They also have a couple of meatless burritos that work well for a meal.

6)Moe’s & Salsarita’s: They both have vegetarian and vegan options. Burritos, bowls and tacos can all be made to order so opting out of meat and or cheese is easy. Moe’s also offers tofu if you want a meat substitute. I frequent both places and love them. It’s nice to have options easily available.

There are plenty of options for those living or traveling outside of the US as well.  Unfortunatly, I’ve never traveled outside the US, so I can only share information found on the internet, though it does look like there are several options.


Canada has several options for quick vegetarian and vegan meals. According to the internet (and website Narcity.com) Canada has numerous options as well. They say that A&W Canada offers two veggie burgers for vegetarians. Chipotle, Harvey’s and Five Guys also offer vegetarian options.


In Europe there are some options. Website The Nomadic Vegan notes that in Italy, O’Vito (Known as Universo Vegano) is a great option for vegans as it’s menu is 100% vegan. Elsewhere in Europe, McDonald’s offers a vegan burger in Sweden and Finland called the McVegan reports website Quartz.


In Australia, website Vomad recommends trying eateries like Zambreros, specializing in healthy, Mexican style food. It sounds like they have several options for those who like to eat vegetarian or vegan. Another option is Lord of the Fries (great name, too!), a fast food joint that promises completely vegetarian meals and heavily vegan, according to the website. They have vegetarian and vegan versions of burgers, fries and hot dogs.

South America

I didn’t have as much luck finding sources for fast food in South America, however, I did find an excellent general resource for finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants in South American countries called Happy Cow. The site has listings for just about all countries on the continent so that you can find something for wherever you are.


In Africa, Capetown has the best vegan eating reports The Nomadic Vegan. They also note that many African dishes are naturally vegan. These meals can be found in some food stalls. Chain restaurant Nando’s is also recommended as a good option for those who want to avoid animal products.


India has some meatless McDonald’s restaurants says Time magazine. Most of the Indian locations also offer a great deal of vegetarian meals as well, they say. Other options in India include Saravana Bhavan and Fasso’s.

If I’ve missed anything, please let me know in the comments section! And let readers know what places do you recommend, too!








Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

“Dragon Rock” Part 1

“Dude, we are not asking the dragon for directions.” Said Zepher as he handed his flying partner Jiri a tool.

Zepher and Jiri, members of the Air Guard on their home planet Kirie had found themselves stranded on an island in one of the planet’s oceans when their patrol flight vehicle experienced a malfunction forcing them to land on Dragon Rock island.

“But we’re here and don’t know the island.” Jiri responded. He fiddled with the engine of their patrol craft for a moment, hoping to re-start it.

“Really?” Zepher responded sarcastically.

“And this thing is shot anyway….. And why not?”

This elicited a quizzical look from Zepher.

“Because it’s crazy. And it’s a dragon- it might eat us or something. And who knows what it’ll do to us!?”

Jiri closed the door to the engine compartment and began to secure the vehicle. He gestured to Zepher to get their things from inside. Despite the sunny, cloudless day, it was still chilly. Winter was only two weeks away and nightfall would bring a dangerous cold.

“Ok, first of all, I don’t think he eats Kirians. I heard he eats livestock and other animals. And secondly, the weird stories about him could just be rumors.”

“Ok, what if it isn’t the only dragon here!? You’ve heard the rumors!”

“Yes, but they’re just that- rumors. It’s probably fine.”

“I don’t want to find out.”

Zepher pulled their computer tablets, communicators and emergency survival packs from the flight  cockpit.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, anyway” Jiri finally said. “We just need directions.”

“We can figure our own way.”

“We don’t know this island!”

”Yeah, that’s because no Kirians come here cause there’s a crazy ass dragon living on it.” Zepher exclaimed.

“Hence, we need directions. Pull out the pad, we’ll try the map.” Jiri responded calmly.

Zepher sighed and pulled a small tablet from his backpack.  It annoyed Zepher that Jiri was so calm. He handed it to his partner.  Zepher proceeded to complain as Jiri poked the tablet, trying to bring up a map. The island had been a military post for nearly a hundred years before dragons forced the Kirians to abandon it forty years earlier. Now, there was one famous-or infamous if you believed the rumors- dragon occupying the island.

But traces of Kirian settlement were still left. Some of the original buildings remained standing and functional and could provide shelter for the night. Jiri was looking for the one that sat on far eastern coast of the island. Its electrical signal was still active, meaning the equipment inside might still be able to send a distress call or message.

“We’re risking our lives just being here.”

“You’re being such a child, you know that? It’s gonna be fine.” Jiri finally said.

“There is potential for my life to be threatened, so that means my fear- and the pansy ass behavior that comes with it is justified.”

Jiri chuckled and shook his head.

“I’m not getting a good connection to the internet system, it’s only loading the map for the southwest corner of the island. Look, we don’t have much left of our provisions. I really don’t want to be out here overnight, it’s gonna get really cold.”

Zepher sighed in defeat. He couldn’t argue with that.

“Can we at least be cautious?” Zepher requested.

“Of course. We’ll keep a safe distance.” Jiri yielded.

Zepher grudgingly agreed and the two began walking.

The island was dominated by large, dark rocks. Huge, beautiful trees and vegetation sprouted up in the small plots of soil nestled in between the rocks.  About an hour later, Jiri and Zepher were climbing a hill dotted with rocks when Jiri spotted the dragon about a hundred yards ahead perched on a large round rock looking out towards the ocean.

“ There he is.” Jiri whispered to Zepher.  “You ready?”.

Zepher wasn’t ready, and was hanging behind his partner. When he didn’t respond. Jiri turned back to him.

“It’ll be fine, man, don’t worry.”

Jiri began moving forward towards the creature, gesturing for Zepher to follow.

“I wish I could believe you, man.” Zepher said in a hushed whisper as the two men climbed the rocky hill. As they got closer the animal looked bigger and bigger. With only about thirty yards between them and the creature, he looked like a hulking mass of muscle.

“Shit! He’s massive!” Exclaimed Zepher.

“Shhh! Be nice!” Jiri whispered to Zepher before approaching the dragon.  “Hello!” He called out.




PHOTO: Pixabay/elukac

Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

Micro Fiction Stories

“Fool Yourself”

*He couldn’t hide it from anyone- except himself. Person after person left his life, never to return. Friends, girlfriends, co-workers, a sibling. With each lost relationship, the confusion grew stronger and stronger. ‘Why were they leaving’, he thought? The only person who stuck around was his mother- but that relationship was strained. She tried telling him he was difficult, but he never listened. ‘Just haters’, he thought. But he couldn’t keep people in his life for long. He began to think maybe something was wrong. But would he ever see it? Would he ever change?



*She built a life with a husband in Charlotte. Then she fell in love with another man. So she married him and had two husbands. A few years later, in Greensboro, she had added a third man to the mix. Three cities, three lives, three husbands. The men didn’t know about each other- at least she didn’t think they did. She worked hard to keep each life a secret. She wove an ever growing web of lies to juggle it all. She constantly feared the reaction of her husbands; she knew that if her secret were exposed, she’d lose all three.  Then the day came when they told her they knew…….They’d known for awhile; but to her surprise, they weren’t mad.


 “Like Father Like Son”

*Long ago, when Ryan was young his father Caleb had suffered from a horrible disease. Caleb suffered for years, unable to care for himself, slowly disintegrating, and going towards death step by step. Ryan and his family rallied around his father to care for him. Ryan’s greatest fear had always been dying the same way. He couldn’t shake the fear; it was like a shadow. Then one day he was diagnosed with the same thing.  Only he had no family to take care of him.


Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

The Sock Dimension

Hi  readers! I hope the new year has been positive for all of you so far! Today I’m posting a short piece in response to a prompt from the blog ‘A Writing Prompt A Day’. The prompt was to write a piece about why socks go missing. So here it is.


Monday morning came early for the Henderson’s. Marques wandered into the kitchen to start some breakfast. Out of the kitchen window the sun began to peek over the horizon of the Arizona desert. Bright orange and yellow rays of light burst through the scattering of clouds in the sky. He wished he had more time to enjoy it, but he had an early meeting that morning. He put a pan of oatmeal on the stove and walked across the room to the laundry nook. He had been drying some clothes over night. Marques began pulling out the clothes. His wife Kara stuck her head in the door to say good morning before wandering into the kitchen.

Marques peered into the dryer, pulling the clothing into a laundry basket, sifted through the items and sighed. Another pair gone again. He stood up and took his full basket into the kitchen.

“Lost some more.” He said to Kara.

Kara looked up from preparing her breakfast.


“I don’t know where they go!” Marques exclaimed.

“So which ones are gone this time?”

“My blue and gold striped and your pink ones with the watermelons.”

Kara sighed. The couple had been losing socks at a steady rate for the last few weeks.

“Well, that’s how it is in the dryer: something goes missing and you end up with something you don’t even remember buying.”

Marques dropped the basket onto the kitchen table.

“I swear they’re getting sucked into some other dimension or something.” he said in sarcastic frustration.

Kara chuckled as she pulled the oatmeal from the pan and plopped it into two bowls.

“Well, that’s as good an explanation as there is.” Kara laughed as she handed a bowl to her husband. “That’s probably how we ended up with all those pairs of baby socks two weeks ago.” She pointed out.

“I guess so.” He sighed. “Just once I’d like to put our things in the dryer and not lose something or get something else that’s not ours.”

About an hour later in Massachusetts, Eleanor and Alessandro were playing with their baby daughter Kiyana before putting her to bed. The dryer timer dinged and Eleanor walked into the laundry room, pulled open the dryer door and reached in for her laundry. She pulled out a handful of socks. One pair was pink with little watermelons, the other blue and gold striped.

“What the crap!?”

“What?” Her husband called out from the other room.

“Another bunch of freaking socks!” She responded as she sifted through their laundry.

“Again!?” Alessandro called back. “This is the fifth time this month! Where the heck are those things coming from!?”

Eleanor walked out of the laundry closet with the socks in hand and promptly threw them  on the nearby couch. “I don’t know! I swear they come out of nowhere! Every time we do a load of laundry we get some random pair of socks we don’t own and end up losing socks we do own. I can’t keep Kiyana’s socks for anything. It’s like they get lost in some black hole or some weird other dimension.”

“Ok, maybe they’re ours, and we just forgot about buying them.” Alessandro suggested.

“Well, that still doesn’t explain how we lost Kiyana’s.”

“They’re tiny, maybe they got sucked into the dryer duct.”

Alessandro shook his head as he pushed Kiyana  in her rocker. She cooed and giggled.

Eleanor came to sit on the floor with her husband and daughter. “I’m getting tired of constantly buying socks- and baby socks are expensive. They’re so tiny- why do they cost so much!?”

“Maybe we should start putting our used, holey socks in instead.” Alessandro chuckled. That’ll be a great way to get rid of them.”

“I want to know what we can put in to get our stuff back!” Eleanor  retorted.

Kiyana tugged at her socks and giggled.


PHOTO: Pixabay/Tawnyowl

Stray Thoughts

Journal Your Way to Better Stories!

Do you dream of being a published writer? Do you want to improve the writing you do, or come up with better ideas for stories? Then journaling can help you get there! A lot of people keep journals during their life; recording their thoughts, feelings and the events of their lives in blank books or notebooks. Even famous authors have engaged in the practice and have gotten benefits from it.

I myself am very familiar with journaling, in the traditional method and creative styles. I’ve kept yearly journals since I was about eight or nine years old and now teach creative journaling classes to kids and adults. I love teaching it and helping people discover its benefits. It’s good for everyone, especially writers and aspiring writers! In the article “Celebrated Writers on the Benefits of keeping a Diary” by Maria Popova, famous author Virginia Woolfe felt strongly about it and “speaks to the value of journaling in granting us unfiltered access to the rough gems of our own minds, ordinarily dismissed by the self-censorship of “formal” writing.” She goes on to quote Woolf as saying, “The habit of writing thus for my own eye only is good practice. It loosens the ligaments. Never mind the misses and the stumbles.”


Other authors who kept journals and recommended it for those also hoping to break into the field include  Anais Nin, W.H. Auden, David Sedaris, Henry David Thoreau, Madeline L’Engle and many others. The consensus among these writers is that they found journaling to be of huge benefit not only to themselves, but to their writing as well. They all agree that journaling was a key aspect of successful writing.

Richard  Nordquist quotes writer and writing instructor Pat Schneider on keeping a journal in his article “The Value of Keeping a Diary, Journal, or Writers Notebook.” on website Thought.Co:  “Your journal can be a diary of events, but it can also be your mulch, your seed bag, the womb of your art. It can be a safe place for writing first-draft material, for experimenting, for gathering and keeping impressions and information for future work.”

This is good advice. Your journal is a place for development, for you as an individual and for your work. For me, journaling helps me keep my powers of observation sharp and my creativity flowing, which is critical in any kind of writing. The writing helps me maintain my skills, and the creative techniques help me develop my imaginative thought process, improving the quality of writing I do and the ideas I use when doing it. It’s also great for working through writers block. When I struggle to find a good way to word my blog posts, articles or creative pieces, writing in my journal really helps get my mind working and helps me get out of the rut that is writers block. And then there are the words that Madeline L’Engle offered to aspirering writers: “If you want to write, you need to keep an honest, unpublishable journal that nobody reads, nobody but you.” (From website Bustle) So pull out your journal and get writing! You never know, it may help you become the world’s next famous author!



“Celebrated Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary” By: Maria Popova

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“10 Famous Writers on Keeping a Journal” By: Jessica Ferri

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“The Value of Keeping a Diary, Journal, or Writers Notebook.” By: Richard Nordquist

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“14 Madeline L’Engle Quotes That Will Inspire You To Write Your Next Novel” By:Alex Weiss

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Main Photo: Pixabay/Darius Sankowski

Second Photo: Pixabay/Bru-nO

Last Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos


Re-Post: How to Cook Tofu Like Meat & Fish (Vegan Recipes Using Tofu) — Cheap Lazy Vegan

Hi readers! I wanted to share this post from ‘Cheap Lazy Vegan’. I LOVE tofu; there’s so much you can do it. It’s great for vegan and vegetarian meals as it’s versatile and can go take on the flavor of almost anything you cook it with. So here are some great ideas for using tofu from ‘Cheap Lazy Vegan’.    https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/116809354/posts/13571

Watch the video above to get the recipes! In this video, I’m using the help of Hutch Kitchen (use code “cheaplazyvegan” to get a 10% discount) to bring you guys these easy and delicious TOFU recipes. I was determined to make some meals that would help you realize how easy it is to replace […]

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Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction) Vol. 2 Three Flash Fiction Stories


The morning was still dark, but she was awake and loading her bags into her car. She looked sadly on the home she would never see again. The porch lights illuminated the crisp lines of the big beautiful house she had called home for the last three years-the longest she’d lived anywhere. It broke her heart, but she had to get out of there before they came for her. They were following her again and would be along shortly.


He was thirteen years younger, and thirteen long years behind her. She wished she had realized it before she married him. At least he was still happy.


The worst place to go and mess up your teeth was when you were out of town.  Three teeth were loose in Tom’s gums, and pain was shooting through his mouth. Luckily he’d found a dentist in town willing to fix it for him. He sat in an exam chair, cotton shoved up his mouth to stop the bleeding and the dentists’ hand probing his teeth. The dentist called an assistant in from another room. A woman entered and handed the dentist some tools. She looked so familiar, thought Tom, but he just couldn’t place her. She looked uncomfortable as Tom stared at her. Finally it hit him: he’d seen her on America’s Most Wanted- she was a fugitive! His eyes widened in terror. The assistant and dentist exchanged concerned glances. Then the dentist said “Tom, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you under to fix these teeth.” Tom squirmed and tried to yell for help, but the sedation gas mask was on his face before he could get a word out.


Hope you enjoyed the flash fiction! Which one is your favorite?

Photo: Pixabay/ LeoNeo Boy  305 Images


Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction)

Flash in the Pan (Short Fiction) Vol. 1


Narrow brown path, flanking walls of green blades, her scent soliciting tiny insects. The sounds of happily chirping birds had stopped half a mile ago.  The route was narrowing; she wasn’t sure it where it was going anymore. Long, leafy stems kept slapping her face. An uncomfortable silence was advancing like the overgrown foliage. There was a tightening in her chest. It was time to turn around, she realized. But before she could, it stopped her in her tracks. Ten yards away, its eyes locked on her. Half as big as she was, it was a torpedo of muscle, covered in fur. She stepped back slowly. It watched her. She took another step, and then another.  As she took a fourth step back, it cocked it’s head, looking at her curiously. Without warning, the torpedo shot at her. She turned to run. A blur of green and brown was all she saw. Heavy panting and paws on the ground behind her filled her ears. Fear began to overwhelm her as she tried to flee. She could hear it getting closer. Bright light shone from around a corner, the dark path opening. The panting behind her got heavier, the animal getting closer. It would catch her if she wasn’t fast enough. But light was brightening the end of the path.


Random, Fun & Quirky

(Shared Post) Love Your Hat! — My OBT

Hi readers!

I hope ya’ll have a had a lovely weekend! I wanted to share this post from the blog “My OBT” (OBT: One Beautiful Thing) https://myonebeautifulthing.com/2018/05/25/amazonian-royal-flycatcher/    about a unique bird called the Amazonian Royal Fly Catcher. This post  introduces the bird and has some neat photos and a video. So enjoy this really cool creature!  Also, check out the blog; each day, the blog creator Donna, shares one beautiful thing in the world.

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15 Word Story – Perfect Man — Jessica Bakkers

Hi Readers!

As you may have figured out by now, I love short fiction! I enjoy everything from six word stories all the way up to novella’s. I stumbled upon this fabulous example of flash fiction recently and wanted to share it with ya’ll. This post and photo comes via Jessica Bakkers and her blog of the same name. So enjoy and give her blog a look!

15 Word Story – Perfect Man

He really is the perfect man. Handsome, dreamy, loving and wise. Pity he’s her man. Image source: Pixabay.com

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