10 Hours

Can you give me more time?

This just isn’t enough!

I can’t work with this limitation.

There’s just never enough time and I need more.

Oh, what I could do with more!

The wonderfulness I could create!

If only I had more,

Just a little;

Say an hour or two.

No, wait, that’s not enough.

Maybe three.

No, that won’t do, either.

Can you give me ten!? Ten more hours in the day?

This might be enough.

Yes, that will do it.

Imagine what I could do with ten more hours in the day!

If only this could be.

But alas, I’m stuck with only twenty-four.

I suppose I’ll have to settle for that,

And just the dream of what more could be. 


Photo: Free Images/Quim Berenguer



5 thoughts on “10 Hours

  1. It is hard to figure out how to live within the limitations of the day. We have to figure out what is really important and focus on that or else the day could use fly by and it feels like we haven’t accomplished anything or gotten to do anything we enjoy.

    I like your writing 🙂

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      1. I am very excited because this is my last day at work before 9 days off in a row. I try to take a full work week off twice a year to give myself some time to focus on other things. I’m blessed to have the paid time off or else it wouldn’t be possible.

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