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13 Interesting Conversation Starters

1) What do you think the world will be like in 50 years?

2) If you gave a speech, what would it be about?

3) If you had a theme song, what would it be? What do you think other people’s theme songs would be?

4) Have you ever experienced a miracle? If so, what was it?

5) What is your favorite fashion trend (from any decade) and what is your least favorite (again, from any decade)? What old trend do you wish would come back?

6) What are the most boring/ridiculous/stupid pet names you’ve ever heard of? If you could give an animal a name, what would it be? (When I was in the 8th grade a friend of mine wanted to name her new cat Dweezil, lol)

7) What book do you remember best from your youth? Why? What do you think makes a book so memorable to a person?

8) If you had to pick one extreme sport or activity which one would it be and why?

9) If you were an MIB (Men in Black, from the 1997 movie ‘Men In Black’) would you be Agent K or Agent J? What kind of MIB agent would you be? What would you be best at as an agent? What would you get in trouble for?

10) What culture interests you most? Why?

11) What challenge would you never want to face? How do you think you would handle it if you were forced to handle it?

12) If Space tourism was available now, where would you want to go? If space tourism becomes available in the future, how do you think it will develop?

13) What is your most prized possession? What makes it so special?


If you can’t physically be with people, these can easily be done over the phone, texting, email, Skype, FaceBook, other social media or messenger services.

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