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27 Creative Activities for When You’re Quarantined

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So, while Corona virus rages through country after country and forces people inside, we’re all forced to do things at home. But what to do when you’ve done everything you can think of? Here are 27 ideas for things to try inside.

1) Come up with questions for a friend or family member to answer. Have them do the same for you. (See 15 Conversation Starters post for ideas)

2) Read short stories online

There are numerous websites that publish short fiction stories that can be read easily and quickly. There’s a variety of short fiction styles available online including sci-fi, adventure, fantasy and realism. Sites providing free reading include: Flash Fiction Online, Watt Pad, Monkey Bicycle, Daily Science Fiction, American Literature,  and Classic Short Stories. Most of these sites focus on stories that can be read within five to thirty minuets.

Another option if available in your area is to buy short story journals at a book store and keep those around for when you’re bored. Book stores like Barnes and Noble (in the US) sell a selection of journals that publish short fiction (and other short writing pieces)

3)Tell stories.

You can make up your own or retell one that’s already been done. Or ask the elder people in your life to tell stories about their life or things that happened when they were younger. You can also do a group story. Each person takes one part of the story (person 1: introduction, person 2: set up and back story, person 3: middle, and so forth) and makes it up as they go along.

4) Build A Card House 

5) Invent A New Game 

6) Use Google Translate to learn new words or phrases in another language. 

This Google feature is so much fun to play with. Search ‘Google Translate’ in the search bar and click on the link. It will give you  two boxes. The one on the left is for your native language (which you can choose) and the one on the right is for the language you want to translate your words into. You type whatever you want into the left box which automatically translates into the language of your choice.

7) Do some basic research on something that interests you.

Looking up the rules of a recreational sport, learning about the Black Plague (which makes ours seem a lot better, lol), Tracing the history of the high heeled shoe, Diving into research of the Island of Atlantis, etc. Have fun!

Wikipedia, History.com, Google, are good places to start.

8) Crafts

You don’t need to have a bunch of craft supplies lying around, just get creative and use what you’ve got. Use the internet for help and inspiration.

9) Try new makeup or hair looks

10)  Come up with a new recipe or invent a new cookie

Use the internet or cook books for this one! Experiment with what you have in your kitchen or tweak a recipe you already have.

11) Try virtual gatherings with friends or family

Skype, Facebook, Email, What’s App and many other programs make it easy to connect with loved ones. Set a date and time and get together virtually.

12) Start brainstorming on how you can help others, show kindness to others, pay it forward, etc.

How can you help someone in need or brighten someone’s day? You can even make it a group affair by starting a social media group that encourages people to perform acts of kindness and share ideas about how to do so.

13) Have an online scavenger hunt

First, gather two or more people who want to play. They don’t need to be in the same place as you necessarily, this can all be done via the internet. Create an email (or other social media) group message. This is where the participants will place their ‘finds’. Now, come up with a list of things that they can find online. EX: A news article about Italy; a photo of an airplane; a blog post about being quarantined; a song from 1980, etc. Anything you like or can think of. Then give the participants a time frame and have them collect and drop their finds in the group email so you’ll know who wins.

14) Start planning that thing you’ve been meaning to do

A vacation, going back to school/going to grad school, something from your bucket list. That thing you want to do but haven’t gotten around to planning or looking into- this is a great time to start working on it.

15) Discover new music or interests

16) Look into political candidates and what they support

17) Give some extra time to your pet or a stray animal in your neighborhood

You can even use this time to make up new games to play with them.

18) Leave positive comments in comment sections of videos and articles

Internet comment sections can be places of nastiness on many websites. Leave a little ray of light in a few of them.

19) Wander the internet

Mix.com (formerly Stumble Upon), MentalFloss.com, Brain Games, MakeUseOf.com, Discuvver.com, Shut Up And Take My Money, Life Hacker are all interesting websites to get you started.

20) Look up good news websites. 

While the news at the moment can seem bleak, try reading about the good things going on in the world. Try  Good News Network, Sunny Skyz, and Positive News UK are all sites I highly recommend for uplifting stories. Several news sites also have positive news sections, but the one I think is the best is MSN.com’s section called ‘For Good’ that does a great job reporting positive news stories.



21) Plant a small garden 

If you can find a store that sells plant seeds and small pots- and is still open, you’ll be in business. Try planting seeds for food (tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, etc.). Watching food grow and learning to care for it can be fun for kids.

22) Take funny photos

23) Help them learn a simple magic trick to show friends later

YouTube is a great resource for this. There are a number of simple magic trick how-to videos.

24) Help them design a new game

25) Have the kids make up a story and illustrate it. Or have them illustrate the story of the family. (How grand parents & parents met, other things the family has gone through) 

26) Have them make their own music video for their favorite song

27) Do fun at-home science experiments




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