Random, Fun & Quirky

The ‘Momarazzi’

I am ‘mom’ to a wonderful, adorable cat named Seneca. He’s a sweet, gentle and handsome boy. I love taking photos of him, but he’s not so fond of it. And especially with Corona virus keeping people indoors I’ve been taking a lot of photos of him. I’m like the cat paparazzi, lol! But like Papparazzi (photographers of celebrities if you’re not familiar with them) I hardly let my little guy get a moments peace because I’m constantly taking photos of him. Do you take endless photos of your pet? What are you doing/what did you do with your pet during quarantine?



IMG_20200408_142909    IMG_20200412_194451

IMG_20200220_105616    IMG_20190922_172931

IMG_20200220_105938     IMG_20200408_154625

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