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Covid-19 Face-Mask Fashion

So, Covid-19 happened, and now we have to wear masks all the time.  They’re becoming part of our wardrobes. And since we’re wearing them all the time it’s natural that we end up developing masks with style.

There are so many options available! Who needs a plain face mask when you can jazz it up with unique colors, styles, patterns and fabrics!? You can express your support for your favorite sports team or band, and show off your personal style with all the variation available. You can get utilitarian masks with strong, durable fabric and filters or even wear bandanas and tube like masks. And if masks aren’t your thing or you want some extra protection you can even get a face shield if you like.

Non Medical Face Mask - girly patterned material  Branded face masks hit the market | Ad Age

Photo: Sew Cute By Katie                           Photo: Google

COVID-19: Wearing A Face Mask? Here Are Some Important Safety Steps To  Remember | Nassau Daily Voice  19 Face Bandanas for Sale: Make Your Own Mask With These Stylish Scarves |  Glamour

Photo: Daily Voice                                             Photo: Glamour

100% Cotton Solid Color Face Mask – Assembly Creators Market  2PCS Safety Face Shield Reusable Full Face Transparent Breathable Visor  Anti Saliva Windproof Dustproof Hat Shield Protect Eyes and Face with  Protective Clear Film Elastic Band - - Amazon.com

Photo: Assembly Creators                    Photo: Amazon

Here in the States we’ve even gotten patriotic with American flag masks like these.

Wearing a face mask is patriotic | Popular Science  American Flag and honor (Quarantine face mask style 2020 Coronavirus covid- 19 4TH OF JULY USA)" Mask by frikybomb | Redbubble What Custom Mask Would You Like to Have?

Photo: Popsci                               Photo: Redbubble                   Photo: 710keel

And why limit yourself to just fun colors or patterns when you can have cartoon characters like Sponge Bob, Minions, Ninja Turtles or with images of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Justin Timberlake, Kobe Bryant, or this one with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face. You can also have a little fun with faces and get masks with goofy faces.

    Viewing Fashion feeds ~ World Professional News

Photo: Google                                                                 Photo: World Pro News

And if you don’t want to wear a mask with someone else’s’ face you can get one with your own! Some companies are even making custom masks with a photo of the wearers’ face printed on it.

Masks of your own face: the joy and horror of custom-printed masks.

Photo: Slate

And if you’re short on cash, or just really crafty, you can always turn a spare T-shirt into a mask.

COVID-19 mask debate more about politics than public health

Photo: TCPalm

Some masks are even designed to aid the deaf and hard of hearing. They use clear plastic to make the mouth visible so that those with hearing difficulties can still read lips.

Clear Face Masks for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing | Medgadget


Masks are everywhere and worn by people in nearly every public place. No public gathering is without masks; every social situation seems to demand them. From birthday parties to business meetings, they’re everywhere! There are even masks that go with wedding attire:

24 Wedding Masks & Face Coverings That Will Look Good in Photos

Photo: The Knot

This bride wore MASKS matching with her lehenga for her LOCKDOWN wedding  and she just set a trend - Times of India

Photo: Times Of India

Masks are quickly becoming fashion statements; many fashion designers are switching from making fashionable clothing to making masks.   Fashion students at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, USA are taking a similar road making stylish masks for healthcare workers. Clothing company Eileen Fisher is making masks for police and fire rescue personnel.  Other designers like Christian Siriano, Naeem Khan, Louis Vuitton, and countless others have jumped on the  fashionable mask making bandwagon, too.

But, like with any kind of fashion, designs can go beyond beautiful or tastefully edgy; they can sometimes get crazy and impractical. Check out this mask made of pearls that costs more than many people make in a few months!

Japanese designer's face masks with 310 real pearls put US$9,350 ...

Photo: YouTube

Or check out this more affordable artisan made pearl face mask:

Fast Shipping Rainbow Pearl Face Mask With Filter Pocket/Dust | Etsy in  2020 | Rainbow pearl, Mouth mask, Face mask

Photo: Pinterest

Or if you want to wear your words, you might like this mask with LED lighting technology. This can display flashing or changing messages.

This LED Face Mask Is Something Deadmau5 or Daft Punk Would Wear

Photo: The Awesomer

This one just makes me hungry and wondering why I didn’t have Asian food for lunch.

Face Mask That Looks Like A Steaming Bowl Of Ramen And 4 More Crazy  Creations By Japanese Artist Takahiro Shibata | DeMilked

Photo: DeMilked

This one is…..uh….interesting.

This Icelandic Knitwear Designer Is Making The Trippiest Masks You've Ever  Seen | Vogue

Photo: Vogue

Or this…um…salad (?!) inspired…thing, lol!

Max Siedentopf presents alternative coronavirus masks

Photo: Dezeen

The weirdest, and I might add worst mask I’ve seen so far was a pair of lacy ladies panties-being worn by a man. I can only assume they belonged to the lady in his life- I hope, lol!

What interesting masks have you seen? Share in the comments section.








FEATURED PHOTO: Pixabay/SplitShire

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