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Vegetarian Creamy Pesto and Tomato Gnocchi

This is a simple but tasty meal, and one of my favorites! This recipe makes two servings.

8 Table spoons of unflavored cream

1 Pkg of Gnocchi

7 ounces of garlic Pesto sauce

10-15 grape tomatoes

Parmesan cheese (optional & for garnishing)


Start by putting about five cups of water on the stove to boil. Don’t put the gnocchi in just yet, though. Let the water get to a boil- about 10 minuets or so. While the water boils cut your grape tomatoes into chunks and set them aside. Once the water is at a good boil, carefully drop the gnocchi in and let it boil for about 5 more minuets. Be careful not to over boil it- Gnocchi can get mushy if it’s cooked too long.

Pull the pan off the stove and drain and cover the gnocchi. It should be slightly larger in size than it was before it was cooked and slightly softer. Gnocchi is like pasta: you want it to be soft but with a bit of firmness to it.



Next, (using a small sauce pan) put pesto sauce in the pan and put it on the stove. Stir in the eight tablespoons of cream. Heat this mixture for about three minuets. Then add your tomato chunks. Stir them in carefully so they don’t turn into tomato mush. Cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Once the pesto cream tomato mixture is warm, put the gnocchi on plates and pour the pesto and tomato mixture over it. Garnish with extra tomatoes or Parmesan cheese if you like. 


This is a great meal to take along to work, on a pick-nick or other outing where you’ll be eating. I’ve taken this to work with me many times. However, I would strongly recommend making this recipe the day you’ll need it (preferably¬† shortly before you leave or are ready to eat). In my experience this meal doesn’t do as well the day after it’s made and it fares horribly if you freeze it and then heat it up later. If you refrigerate it to eat the next day it can get mushy and if you freeze it, thaw and/or re-heat, it just ends up tasting horrible.¬† It’s a ‘day of’ kind of meal.