Stop The Train!!!!!

Hey readers! I thought I’d try something new and random. The internet is a treasure trove of crazy, random, and wild stuff and I thought it would be fun to try sharing some of it. I stumbled upon this photo one day which piqued my interest and got me researching it.

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Ok, so this is the Montparnasse derailment incident. It involved the Granville-Paris  Express train and occurred in France on October 22, 1895. According to website Vintage Everyday (noted as VE hereafter) the train started out of Granville on the west coast of the country that morning with a 400 km (249 miles) trip to Paris ahead of it. The steam locomotive engine was pulling a postal car, three baggage cars and six passenger cars with 131 people aboard.  Engineer Guillaume-Marie Pellerin, a man with nineteen years experience in the railroad industry was at the helm along with Conductor Albert Mariette. The trip had been business as usual up until it entered Paris and closed in on the train station.

The problem was that it was running a few minutes behind that day and Pellerin was speeding to make up for the tardiness. But as they approached the station, it was clear they were going way too fast. He applied the brakes, but they failed. Mariette then tried the emergency brakes, but by that time they were too close to the end of their track and hurtled over the safety bumper, lifted up onto a platform and went hurtling through the window and wall ahead of it. Luckily after the engine car hit the ground below, the train stopped, leaving all of its cars safely behind inside the station. (VE)

So how do you clean clean up a big accident like this in 1895? There were no modern cranes to pull this giant engine from its odd resting place at this time. History Daily (noted here as HD hereafter) said officials left the train in its precarious position for two days while trying to figure out how to move it. They tried a team of 14 horses first, but when that didn’t work, they used a 250 ton winch instead. (HD) A winch is a giant metallic drum that has a length of chain or rope around it and is cranked for leverage (Google) The other cars were still inside the station and so they were simply dethatched, repaired as needed and put into use with other engines. The engine itself also had minimal damage amazingly and was also repaired and put back to use as well. (HD)

For the most part, there were only minor injuries to all people involved- except one woman. Marie Augustine-Aguillard had been watching her husband’s newspaper stand that day. The stand was right below the site of the accident and she was fatally hit by falling debris when it barreled through the station wall. She was a mother of two and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The French government provided financially for both children for many years after the event. (VE & HD)

Most people involved walked away from the event with only minor injuries and a unique story to tell, but not the two men helming the train. For his reckless choice, Pellerin was fined 50 francs, the equivalent of €228 Euros or $1,500 today. Marietta was fined 25 francs, the equivalent of €128 or $840 in today’s money. (VE) ( not sure if those Euro exchange rates are completely accurate, though)

The event has since made its way into pop culture ending up in memes, on T-shirts, posters, websites and even being re-created for a 2011 Martin Scorsese film (“Hugo”). There’s also a replica of it on display at a museum in Brazil dedicated to the railway industry.

This photo is credited to Levi and Sons

Information about this incident found via:

Vintage Everyday  https://www.vintag.es/2018/01/montparnasse-derailment.html

History Daily    https://historydaily.org/montparnasse-derailment-when-a-train-went-through-a-stations-walls


My Vegan-ish Adventure: Finding Vegetarian and Vegan Options on the Go

Consider this scenario: You’re getting out of work, hungry, and have only 30 minuets until you need to get to an event where food won’t be served. So you decide to stop and grab something quick. There aren’t many places around, so you pull into the drive through of a cheap fast food joint. As you look at the menu, you find yourself dissipointed – almost everything on it has meat. About the only thing that isn’t meat are the fries. Hmmm, you decide you don’t want five boxes of fries for dinner, though, so you’ve got to find another option.

Finding vegan or vegetarian food when you’re on the run is really challenging. It seems like most fast food places have meat and/or dairy in almost all of their products. This makes eating on the go very difficult for a vegetarian or vegan.

So, since most fast food joints don’t have any or many options for those of us who like to limit or abstain from animal products, we have to get creative until they do.

1.GROCERY STORES: Check your local super market or grocery store. Make sure you pick one with food/salad bars. Many store chains here in the States have salad bars with salad, fruit, grains and other meatless and dairy free options that allow you to ‘mix and match’ so to speak. One grocery chain store here in my area has an Asian food bar that I really love and offers vegetarian options. Good stores to try are Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and  other stores dedicated to healthy foods. Many of them have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on their food bars. Numerous regional food stores also have salad and food bars where you can make your meal any way you like, so hopefully you can find one in your area.

2. Subway, Quizno’s, Jimmy John’s and other sub shops: These are a great way to get a decent, affordable meal while avoiding meat. Many of them offer meatless subs or will gladly omit or meat or replace it with something else for little or no cost.

3. Little Asian takeout places: These locations might be likely to offer vegetarian options. Asian is usually vegetarian and vegan friendly, so that makes it a great go-to.  I frequent a couple of little places near my home, both of which offer a couple of meatless options. One place has a veggies and tofu combo that comes with rice and the other offers a wonderful meatless chow mien. You can also request dishes that have meat as meatless.


4. Burger King: The burger chain has recently begun to notice those of us who don’t want dead cow or chicken on our burger and has been carrying Morning Star vegetarian burgers. This is a freakin’ huge step for us veggies out there! A fast food chain known for beef burgers has finally made room for another option. However, the couple of times I’ve gotten their veggie burger, I found it over cooked and a little tough. Quite frankly, not worth the money.

5. Taco Bell: has some great vegan options. You can get any of their traditional meat items ‘Fresco Style’, which means they’ll replace cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo and guacamole. Some locations just add the pico and guac without removing the meat, so don’t forget to say no meat (or no cheese)! I’ve done this several times and it’s pretty good. I also really like the ‘Power Menu Bowl’; it’s got lettuce, tomatoes, guac, cheese and black beans. Normally it has chicken in it, but you can request it meatless. They also have a couple of meatless burritos that work well for a meal.

6)Moe’s & Salsarita’s: They both have vegetarian and vegan options. Burritos, bowls and tacos can all be made to order so opting out of meat and or cheese is easy. Moe’s also offers tofu if you want a meat substitute. I frequent both places and love them. It’s nice to have options easily available.

There are plenty of options for those living or traveling outside of the US as well.  Unfortunatly, I’ve never traveled outside the US, so I can only share information found on the internet, though it does look like there are several options.


Canada has several options for quick vegetarian and vegan meals. According to the internet (and website Narcity.com) Canada has numerous options as well. They say that A&W Canada offers two veggie burgers for vegetarians. Chipotle, Harvey’s and Five Guys also offer vegetarian options.


In Europe there are some options. Website The Nomadic Vegan notes that in Italy, O’Vito (Known as Universo Vegano) is a great option for vegans as it’s menu is 100% vegan. Elsewhere in Europe, McDonald’s offers a vegan burger in Sweden and Finland called the McVegan reports website Quartz.


In Australia, website Vomad recommends trying eateries like Zambreros, specializing in healthy, Mexican style food. It sounds like they have several options for those who like to eat vegetarian or vegan. Another option is Lord of the Fries (great name, too!), a fast food joint that promises completely vegetarian meals and heavily vegan, according to the website. They have vegetarian and vegan versions of burgers, fries and hot dogs.

South America

I didn’t have as much luck finding sources for fast food in South America, however, I did find an excellent general resource for finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants in South American countries called Happy Cow. The site has listings for just about all countries on the continent so that you can find something for wherever you are.


In Africa, Capetown has the best vegan eating reports The Nomadic Vegan. They also note that many African dishes are naturally vegan. These meals can be found in some food stalls. Chain restaurant Nando’s is also recommended as a good option for those who want to avoid animal products.


India has some meatless McDonald’s restaurants says Time magazine. Most of the Indian locations also offer a great deal of vegetarian meals as well, they say. Other options in India include Saravana Bhavan and Fasso’s.

If I’ve missed anything, please let me know in the comments section! And let readers know what places do you recommend, too!









Re-Post: How to Cook Tofu Like Meat & Fish (Vegan Recipes Using Tofu) — Cheap Lazy Vegan

Hi readers! I wanted to share this post from ‘Cheap Lazy Vegan’. I LOVE tofu; there’s so much you can do it. It’s great for vegan and vegetarian meals as it’s versatile and can go take on the flavor of almost anything you cook it with. So here are some great ideas for using tofu from ‘Cheap Lazy Vegan’.    https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/116809354/posts/13571

Watch the video above to get the recipes! In this video, I’m using the help of Hutch Kitchen (use code “cheaplazyvegan” to get a 10% discount) to bring you guys these easy and delicious TOFU recipes. I was determined to make some meals that would help you realize how easy it is to replace […]

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15 Word Story – Perfect Man — Jessica Bakkers

Hi Readers!

As you may have figured out by now, I love short fiction! I enjoy everything from six word stories all the way up to novella’s. I stumbled upon this fabulous example of flash fiction recently and wanted to share it with ya’ll. This post and photo comes via Jessica Bakkers and her blog of the same name. So enjoy and give her blog a look!

15 Word Story – Perfect Man

He really is the perfect man. Handsome, dreamy, loving and wise. Pity he’s her man. Image source: Pixabay.com

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“If I Let You In”

This post is by Penny and originally posted on her blog ‘Penny Wilson Writes’. It’s a lovely piece about vulnerability. I hope you enjoy it!

If I let you in, would you guard the door? If I held you tight, would you hold my heart? If I bared my soul, would you keep it’s secrets? If I held your hand, would you hold mine? If I let you in… Would you walk beside me? Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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Leibster Award

Hi readers! I was recently nominated for a Leibster Award here on Word Press! Thanks to The Arty Plantsman for the nod! (Check out his blog here: https://artyplantsman.wordpress.com/)





As I understand it, the Liebster Award is for newer blogs with under 200 followers. A fellow blogger nominates you and asks you to nominate others in return. When you accept the award, you answer the questions posed to you by the person who nominated you and then make up some of your own for your nominees. So, here are the answers to the questions I got:

If you could be one fictional character for a day, and actually live their life, – who would it be and why?

*There are too many to name! I’m a Star Trek TNG fan, so being any of those characters would be fun! And I’m currently reading the “Outlander” series and being the main character Claire might be fun. I’m of Scottish descent and I love history so I think traveling back in time to Scotland and Europe- and traveling through time would be fabulous. I think it could also be interesting to be Arthur Dent, the protagonist from “The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. And being a Transformer from the Transformer cartoon and movie series. Oh! I almost forgot, I could be……. (And the list is never ending, lol!)

Can you play a musical instrument? If so, which? If not – which would you most like to learn or like to listen to?

*When I was younger I tried learning to play the violin. My mom was a violinist and at the time I wanted to be like her and give it a shot. I wasn’t really into it, though and quit after a few years. I decided that I wasn’t cut out to be a musician. It was around this time that I discovered writing, so playing music just didn’t appeal to me anymore. I haven’t really been interested in playing a musical instrument until recently. I kind of want to learn how to play the drums- but just for fun.

Are your friends (partners excluded) mostly of your own (biological) sex?

*My closest friends are female, like I am, but I do have several male friends, too. I love having friends of both sexes; I think it makes things more fun and interesting!

If magic could make it possible, would you be interested in changing sex for a few days to see the world from another perspective? Do you think it would be a good idea if we all did this at least once in our life?

*I don’t know. I think it could be interesting to be a guy for a little while to see how my perspective would change and to know what it’s like not to have to deal with the downsides to womanhood, lol; but I really love being a woman (I think it’s fun!), so I’m not super interested in it. I think there is a possibility that doing this could help men and women understand each other a little better.

Vampire movies/shows – do you prefer scary ones or romantic ones, and which?

*I used to watch a short lived show called “Moonlight” about vampires in the modern world. I really loved it- too bad it got canceled! I hate scary/horror genres, so it would have to be romantic, action or drama for me to watch it.

Think of something good about yourself. Talk about it if you want, but I just wanted you to feel nice. 

*Ok, thought about it. Happy thoughts are good, hehe.

Random Facts about me:

*I’m a proud ginger! I love being a redhead!

*I love mushrooms (for eating/cooking) and eat them every chance I get. I prefer fresh ones over canned. The canned version is so crappy, lol! They get all mushy in the cans, so fresh is better. I’m actually looking into starting my own little mushroom garden.

*I’m fascinated by all things naval: old and modern, pirates, ships, period weaponry,  naval history, strategy and the like. Maybe I’ll do a post on that some day.


Ok, now time for me to name my nominees and the instructions for them.

Here are my nominees.

1)Ira  https://ira202.wordpress.com/

2) Laura   https://rhythmic-gymnastics.info/

3)Time Traveling Hobbit   https://learningtobeinfp.wordpress.com/

4)Alyse  https://selfcaremadeeasy.wordpress.com/

5) Nancy    https://www.ordinaryvegan.net/

6) Sarah     https://infpwrites.wordpress.com/

7) Alexander  https://alxandersite.wordpress.com/

The instructions for accepting the award and passing it on are as follows.

  • Create a new blog post on your blog thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog, and put in a graphic of the award.
  • Answer the questions that were provided, and then share some facts about yourself.
  • Create a new set of your own questions for others to answer.
  • Nominate others (around ten) and share your blog post with them so they can accept their award!

Ok, so now is the time for me to give my own questions for my nominees to answer in their post!

*What was your least favorite job and what did you learn from it/what good came from it?

*What is your favorite book/magazine/publication (that’s not your own work), and what do you love about it?

*What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep? How did that go? 

*What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite?

*What’s the weirdest or funniest thing you ever did as a kid?