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Well…….2020’s Gone Down The Toilet LOL! (Part 1: Memes)

Who loves memes? I know I do! One of the best (in my opinion) things to come off the internet, these things can really give you a good laugh. And since 2020, a year that most of us hoped would be fantastic and epic has turned out crappy so far, could use some laughs, here are some funny memes about the year so far:

2020 Can't Get Any Worse | Know Your Meme

From Know Your Meme website knowyourmeme.com

Time Traveler What Year Is It Me 2020 - Corona Virus Meme - Shut ...

From Shut Up and Take My Money  shutupandtakemymoney.com


Ten of the best sports versions of 'My Plans/2020' memes | The ...

From the Kansas City Star newspaper website   kansascity.com

10 Hilarious Coronavirus Memes That Hit Too Close to Home ...

From Urban Matter       urbanmatter.com


Funny CoronaVirus Memes – PropertyOnion

From Property Onion propertyonion.com

Meme Creator - Funny 2020 should of been... The reality Meme ...

From Meme Creator     memecreator.com

25 of the funniest tweets and memes about the year 2020 so far ...

From Somee Cards     someecards.com

40 Memes That Sum Up 2020 So Far | Bored Panda

From Bored Panda   boredpanda.com

FINALLY: I FEAR THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE HOW WE ALL FEEL AT THE END OF 2020, LOL! (I laugh, but I’m really crying inside, lol!)

Mandatory Monday Funny Memes of the Week 01-06-2020

From Mandatory      mandatory.com


Toilet Photo:  Tama66/Pixabay

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